4 Key Points to Consider for Successful Cloud Migration

In today’s time, a majority of businesses are considering migrating to the cloud as it can be a key enabler of business transformation. It helps in improving customer engagement, saves costs, and gives a competitive edge. Cloud migration, simply put, refers to the migrating from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, while also being used to indicate the migration of data from one cloud to another cloud. Cloud migration requires a lot of preparation, planning, and work, and is always worth the effort as it offers better flexibility and cost-saving. Read on as we discuss some key points to consider for successful cloud migration.

Migration Strategy

When you plan for migrating to the cloud, it is important to begin with a thorough assessment of your business requirements and extensive research to develop a solid migration strategy for the cloud. It is recommended to work along with all the departments in the organization to determine the applications that can help enhance productivity and streamline business processes. When you have a good migration strategy, it becomes easier to define the current state of your infrastructure and what business value you get once the migration is complete.

Assessment for Cloud Readiness

It is important to do a detailed assessment of your business applications to determine whether they can readily be moved to the cloud environment or not. It also helps you identify applications that you don’t want to migrate to the cloud. While assessing, you need to consider the application architecture, data, technology, and business considerations to ensure that the application is moved to the cloud seamlessly with minimum downtime.

Economic Feasibility

Once you know that your application can readily be moved to the cloud, you need to perform an elaborate cost analysis for the migration. Several points such as ongoing cloud services, service management, license management, deployment and testing cost, and administration cost must be considered to assess the economic feasibility of migration for your business.

Security Assessment

When planning to move your data and applications to the cloud, security and privacy are major concerns and must be addressed carefully. It is important to ensure compliance with the internal policies and regulatory requirements for superior data security. Organizations need to adopt appropriate security measures for various data types to manage any compliance issues.

Wrap Up

Moving to the cloud can be a complicated task and it is important to plan and execute each step of migration with great efficiency to get the most out of your cloud migration. Infomatrix has a team of professionals with multifaceted domain experience and technological expertise to make your cloud migration process seamless and efficient. To learn more about our range of cloud migration services, simply call (609) 205-5588. You can also write to us at [email protected].