5 Major Reasons for Using ReactJS for Frontend Development

When it comes to frontend development, there are plenty of frameworks and libraries available. The global digital landscape is changing at a fast pace, it is important for businesses to stay abreast of the changing tech landscape and come-up with newer and better solutions. ReactJS is a popular JavaScript library developed by Facebook that has been a top choice for developers worldwide. It is an open-source library that frontend developers use to build high quality UI for web-based apps. It allows developers to place HTML code in a JavaScript and it can work with Virtual DOM. If you are not sure of why you should use ReactJS for frontend development, in this blog post you will find 5 major reasons to choose ReactJS for your projects.

1. Easy learning

It is easy to learn ReactJS and that is one of the most important reasons why developers prefer to use this library. As learning this technology is not very complicated, it allows developers to quickly begin building with it. The reason why ReactJS is easy to learn is that it is an extremely simple library and there are plenty of easy-to-understand tutorials available online for this technology.

2. User Friendly UI

Developers can build rich user-interfaces with ReactJS. It is important to ensure a high quality UI as a poorly designed UI will normally not be user friendly. High quality UI can be an important factor in the popularity of a web app, so it is critical for businesses to focus on building high-quality user-interfaces. ReactJS makes building rich, user friendly UI effortless, making it a popular choice among developers.

3. High Speed Rendering

ReactJS has a Virtual Document Object Model or V-DOM that speeds up the rendering significantly and saves time. ReactJS gives an enhanced user experience to the developers and also ensures better app performance, making it ideal for use for development of highly complex and dynamic apps.

4. Access to a Strong Community

Another major reason to choose ReactJS for frontend development is the community support it offers. As it is an open-source library, coders from across the globe are making it better by helping people learn the technology through different channels. The tutorial videos, articles and blog posts about ReactJS will surely help you get better at ReactJS coding.

5. Efficient Development Tools

ReactJS is equipped with a rich toolset including efficient and easy-to-use designing, development and debugging tools. These developer tools offered by ReactJS are compatible with browsers such as Chrome and Firefox and help developers to inspect their codes in the V-DOM and allow tracking the hierarchy of various components.


As you can see from above-mentioned points, ReactJS is an impressive frontend development library that helps create dynamic, user friendly web applications. If you are looking to leverage ReactJS for developing web apps for your organization or business enterprise, Infomatrix is here to help. We have a team of skilled professionals that can help you in getting the most out of ReactJS to develop top-notch applications for your requirements. To learn more or discuss your requirements, simply call (609) 205-5588 or write to us at at [email protected] and we will take it from there.