5 Reasons Why Power BI Is Best for Business Data Analysis

In Recent years, business intelligence (BI) has become popular with businesses for data analysis. BI tools collect data from different systems, files, databases, and transactions allowing seamless integration, updation and data warehousing in real-time. When clubbed with cloud computing, BI can be a cost effective option for companies for data analysis and processing. Power BI is one such business intelligence tool from Microsoft that offers easy operation and powerful data modeling abilities that allow quick implementation of a business data model. Power BI uses Direct Query to analyse data from databases in live mode. This tool also offers a possibility of fast data processing along with multiple options for publishing applications as well.

Why Choose Power BI for Data Analysis?

Let’s have a look at the major reasons why you should choose Power BI for your organization.

1. Easy Integration with Microsoft Tools

As Power BI is a part of Microsoft business product suite, it is easier to integrate it with other popular Microsoft business products such as Azure, SQL and Microsoft Office. This makes data analysis from different databases easier and faster for businesses.

2. Simultaneous Access to On-premises and On-Cloud Data

One of the best advantages of Power BI is that it stores all local as well as on-cloud data in a centralized location which can be accessed at any time from anywhere. There is also a provision of pre-built links that make it easy to import data from applications such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, Marketo and many more.

3. Easy Integration with Third Party Applications

Power BI is designed to be embedded in any software ecosystem. It seamlessly integrates with a majority of third party software and Microsoft tools. Constant improvements and updates are being made in the tool to extend its connectivity so that users could import data from even more data sources.

4. Data Security While Sharing

Power BI service allows users to publish their reports and visualizations directly online and send them as attachments in an email. The access to reports can be limited for a certain person or a group of people.

5. Access to a Huge Knowledgebase

Microsoft has a strong knowledgebase that includes tutorials, videos, blogs, and presentations. These resources help users to maximize the potential of the tool and find quick solutions to any problems on their own. In addition to that, there are about a million users in the Microsoft community where users can look for answers and exchange each other’s experiences.


Power BI can help businesses in easy and faster data processing and ensure better implementation of business data models. If you are planning to implement Power BI for your organizations, the team of experienced professionals at Informatrix can help you in easy and seamless integration of your current systems with Power BI. To learn more about Power BI can help your business, call (609) 205-5588 or email at [email protected].