Universal Business Systems is a premiere NJ-based corporation providing ERP software to over 150 clients across the United States for over 40 years. They are a client with whom Infomatrix has had a long-term association (over 10 years). The relationship started via a pilot project to create a Microsoft-based web service that plugs into their enormously big software offering.

From that beginning, our relationship grew and became bigger. Ultimately we ended up converting the look and feel of the entire ERP with a modern-looking website that was very well received by UBS’s clients. This was done and managed with a team of DotNet professionals in New Delhi that worked with UBS’s internal IT Team. The requirement was for a partner that has Software Development expertise and can help reduce development costs while possessing proven expertise in aspects such as multiple cross connectivity using API system integrations, managing databases, and building payment gateways. This has been a long and fruitful partnership during which we have built approximately 7 systems for UBS providing a diverse range of functionality to the end-user.

The products created offer Fully-Integrated Distribution Management Software to industries that include Packaging Distributors, Master Distributors, Process Manufacturers, Private Label Manufacturers, Food Service Distributors, Fine Paper Merchants, JanSan, Masonry Building Material distributors, and a range of other Re-Distributors and Wholesalers. The package features products that allow distributors to grow and manage their business, with options such as ERP, Integrated eCommerce, Business Intelligence, and Sales/Productivity Analysis.

Our team used a variety of latest technologies to design and develop the ERP, eCommerce platform, and CRM solutions. Our work with Universal Business Systems has seen us use the following technologies:

  • Asp.Net (C#)
  • SqlServer, Mysql
  • AJAX, Javascript, jQuery
  • Microservices based architecture
  • HTML5, CSS
  • Elastic Search
  • Payment Gateways integrations
  • 3rd party API integrations

Infomatrix took ownership of web design, Platform design, database structure and designed and developed an ERP with an integrated CRM, intuitive dashboard, and sections that include Customer Receivables, Sales Order, Inventory, Warehouse, Purchasing, Cost/Price, Finance, Payables, Reports, Administration, System Administration, My Reports, Simple View, MyChats, Manufacturing, and SuperUser. The design is meant to put vital and actionable information at the fingertips of users in realtime and make navigation super-easy. Users have all the tools they need for ultimate control.