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Infomatrix Inc. is built on the axiom of respect. We have an internal phrase that ‘at the end of the day we are a HR company’. There is some truth to that. At the end of the day, every business is a human enterprise. And for technology companies, people are the biggest asset. We have good machines, no doubt – but good software is developed by people.

At the same time, every organization has a set of internal values and external values. Internal values help us keep our colleagues happy and external values help us keep our clients happy.

The values we follow internally as a company are - Empowerment, Enablement and Respect. If we empower our colleagues, enable them and respect their boundaries, the result is magic. People, when provided with an environment to succeed, invariably end up succeeding.


Enablement - give the people the tools that they need to produce. This could be time, latest version of Visual Studio or resources needed to produce an output.


Empowerment - give the people the ability to make decisions. Don’t question everything. Let the decision makers make the decisions they need to make to do a good job.


Respect - Respect the work and effort put in by colleagues. A basic human need is to feel appreciated for the work. This goes a long way in creating magic.

Like we said - “at the end of the day we are a HR company”.

External Facing Values

For our customers, we work on the principles of - Commitment, Discipline and Never Shying Away from Work.

We know that any racket is a tough racket to break into. It is not easy for us, and it is not easy for our customers too. They are also trying to compete and thrive in the same world as we are. This perspective allows us to look at our customers as people who need our A game to be able to do what they are trying to do. Be it building a great product or bringing efficiency to their operations. Everyone has deadlines, investors asking questions, fierce competition, and quarterly report meetings.

We try to meet this environment by never saying no to what our customers need and commit to it and try to deliver it with discipline.

That’s who we are.

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