Leveraging Microsoft Platform to Deliver Efficient Business Solutions

Microsoft is a one of the biggest technology giants that offer services and products that are used by individuals and businesses to deploy enterprise projects. Every business requires some sort of application to manage their businesses and serve the customers efficiently. Once it is decided what type of application is required by the business, the next major decision is to determine a technology stack that could serve as an efficient platform to develop the applications. Microsoft technologies offer a full stack of platforms that can help businesses to develop efficient business solutions and serve customers better.

What are Microsoft Technologies?

Microsoft technologies offers a full stack of platforms and frameworks that are crucial for developers and businesses to develop software applications and business solutions that not only make business operations easier and faster but also help in increasing their productivity as well as efficiency.

How Microsoft Technologies Help Deliver Value to Clients?

Microsoft technology’s stack of platforms serves as a powerhouse and has a vital role in shaping efficient software applications for businesses. Microsoft understands the importance of adapting to current technology changes and proven its ability to cope with the latest technology trends. Microsoft technologies are efficient in working with modern languages and frameworks.

Break Down of Microsoft Platforms

Let’s take a look at the key technologies offered in Microsoft stack that developers and businesses must know about for better and efficient working.

Microsoft .NET

.NET framework is a software development platform that developers use to create both web-based applications and form-based applications. The core of .NET framework is available under an open-source license which can be used on all operating systems. It has emerged as one of the most preferred front-end application development frameworks. It allows the developers to address various form factors and user interfaces. The ability of the framework to support complex and robust applications easily helps developers to write codes without much effort.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a customer relationship management system (CRM) that offers integrated data-driven software applications. The platform allows efficient streamlining of marketing, sales and customer service. It is a scalable software package that helps businesses in management of their operation, growth improvement and efficiency enhancement.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a collection of cloud computing services that help businesses to build, deploy and test applications and services on cloud and allow a global reach through data centers managed by Microsoft. Azure stack architecture can be used to build Azure services for remote locations. Businesses can use Azure hybrid cloud for on-premises applications including financial reporting, expense reporting and global audits.


Microsoft BizTalk server is a premier integration solution that allows companies to integrate different services and applications and extend on-premises applications to the cloud. It allows organizations to use B2B messaging and offers hybrid integration of applications on the cloud and on-premises applications.

Power Apps

Microsoft PowerApps is a collection of apps, data platforms, services and connectors that offers a rapid app development environment that allows developers to build custom apps for businesses. Additionally, power apps help apps that have responsive design and can seamlessly run on desktop, browsers and mobile devices.

Wrap Up

Availability of so many platforms offered by Microsoft technologies can be overwhelming. It is recommended to consult the experts to know which one to choose for app development for your business. The expert team of technocrats at Infomatrix understands the requirement for efficient app developments for business. We offer comprehensive services and consultation for app development for business using various technologies and help attain better efficiency and productivity. To know more, call (609) 205-5588 or email at [email protected].