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Business Process Automation

Infomatrix, with its technology-rich approach, helps automate mission critical aspects of your business to reduce operational expenses and improve bottomline. While building robots and reducing the dependency on manpower is industrial automation, building efficient workflows and automating processes is business process automation (BPA). A more textbook friendly definition of BPA would be the automation of recurring business processes by means of software programs and applications.

Our 3-Step Approach

Infomatrix adopts a simple, no-nonsense approach towards automating critical business processes. Here’s a brief overview of our three-step approach:


Infomatrix, after understanding key business operations and nitty gritty, advises upon the scope of automation. Following an end-to-end implementation model, Infomatrix informs its customers about all the business processes that can be automated.


Post advisory stage, Infomatrix develops software applications and automation solutions such as task and program management software, voicebots, and chatbots. Key departments such as IT, security, operations, and HR are also consulted during the phase of development.


Infomatrix rigorously tests all the software and automation solutions that have been built to automate business processes before deploying them. After both manual and automated testing of automation solutions, they are deployed and would remain constantly monitored.

Use Cases of Business Process Management (BPA)

Operations Management

Communication is a critical element of operations management. Supervisors and team leaders need to be in constant touch to keep themselves posted about the progress of various projects they are handling. In the whole process, prompt communication and zero scope for error are the two important requirements to satisfy. That is when BPA helps. By means of business process automations, owners, stakeholders, and employees can all stay posted about every single aspect of work according to their positions.

Customer Support

Customer support is an indispensable need for most businesses. At such a juncture, automating customer support is a necessity. When not automated, customer support tasks would require significant manpower and subsequently increase the costs of running your business as well. By automating customer support, you can be assured that you offer prompt customer support without having to overspend for doing so.

Task Management

On a day-to-day basis, every project, no matter the scale, will have a slew of tasks to be taken care of. Without a system that tracks all the tasks to be done on a daily basis and organizes them in order of priority, it becomes difficult to track daily progress and work done. BPA practices, such as adopting a task management software, for instance, helps store all tasks, display according to priorities, and maintain a dashboard containing the details of tasks.

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