IT Consulting

IT Consulting Services

Infomatrix brings its deep technical expertise, knowledge of the latest software systems, and expert consulting skills, helping organizations of small to medium sizes leverage technology for high growth. Starting from process automation to cloud automation, mission-critical operations can be better streamlined with the help of our reliable, tailor-made IT consulting services.

Our IT Consulting Process

Infomatrix follows a simple, straightforward, and process-oriented approach towards IT consulting. We first identify and analyse the technology you are currently using, after which we come up with a strategic solution that best fits your requirements. Here’s a step-by-step, brief overview of our IT consulting process:


The first step we take when onboarding any new client is to analyse the current infrastructure around IT and the end state desired…


Our strategy is to think cloud first. With the liberation that cloud provides from traditional approaches it is always better…


A key part of the strategy is performance. Are we building something that will be used internally by 50 personnel in a department…


Security of data is paramount. We understand – but the critical question is how secure is secure and what’s the breakeven point of security v/s economics.


Depending on how mission critical the project is we will ensure that we architect a solution around how high is the meter on the availability scale…

Infomatrix can help you implement cutting-edge IT solutions all geared towards helping you improve your organization’s productivity. Be it upgrading your current IT landscape or helping your business operations digitize from scratch, you can count on Infomatrix to be up to the task.