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Software Operation Management

Software Operation Management services help companies that offer software products keep pace with the competition, trends, and user demands while ensuring flawless operation and continuous innovation. Infomatrix is your trusted partner when looking for premium Software Operation Management services that are customized to meet your specific needs with regards to sustaining application functionality.

We possess extensive experience having worked on myriad projects for players big and small.

Our Software Operation Management Offerings

Our portfolio of software operation management offerings covers everything under Project development & Maintenance including:

  • Enhancement and improvement
  • New feature development
  • Debugging
  • Technology & solution upgrade
  • Bug fixing & Resolution
  • Database and cloud management
  • Security management

Software Maintenance Process

  • User raises a request
  • Create task and due date in dev ops
  • Capturing User story
  • Development & User testing
  • Feature Deployment

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