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Cloud Advisory Services

In the data-driven, digital world of today, business enterprises of all scales, both big and small, are adapting agile business models where quick access to resources and deployment of solutions is of utmost priority, and that is when cloud computing shines.

Infomatrix helps business enterprises adapt a strategic, efficient, and cost-effective cloud computing strategy. Whether upgrading the current cloud strategy, migrating legacy databases, or strategizing a new model altogether, Infomatrix does it all.

Our Approach

At Infomatrix, we follow a strategic three-step process to help enterprises leverage cloud and streamline their operations.


Our cloud experts assess all the available cloud computing solutions, including public, private, and hybrid cloud computing solutions to zero-in on the best approach for a particular client.


Once the assessment phase is through, we focus on analyzing your current operational models thoroughly to gain a comprehensive overview and identify potential challenges and opportunities. We also help identify lapses in workflows and offer cloud-oriented solutions to tackle challenges wherever applicable.


After assessment and analysis, we arrive at a clear roadmap as to what can be done. That is when we offer a tailor-made strategy for guaranteed efficiency. Our cloud migration strategy, apart from focusing on efficiency, also emphasizes on security, accessibility, and governance.

Our Services

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