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Cloud-Native Application Development

Infomatrix’s Cloud-Native Application Development services are designed to help enterprises build and run applications that make full utilization of the cloud computing delivery model. We help you attain cloud-native maturity to match changing market realities by offering world-class DevOps efficiency, agility, and speed.

We possess relevant experience that cuts across industries and multiple use cases, which places us in a better position to build a cloud-native platform that aligns with your business objectives. Our team of cloud experts works with you to modernize mission-critical apps and fast-track your cloud-native journey.

Our Services

Cloud-native Application Development

Our development services comprise microservices, Containers, Dynamic Orchestration, and CI/CD. We build highly-scalable…

Legacy Application Modernization

We can also help modernize your legacy apps and get them all connected using cloud capabilities with no negative impact…

Microservice Development

We help enterprises reap the benefits of Microservice architecture including scalability, resilience, productivity, robustness, and flexibility…

Container Strategy

Infomatrix helps enterprises leverage the power of Containers to quickly and efficiently transform their operations. We have a comprehensive container strategy that can assist you…


Complementing cloud-native applications, DevOps focuses on elements such as continuous development, delivery, and integration to increase collaboration…

Why Choose Infomatrix Cloud-Native App Dev Services

  • End-to-end insulation against data loss and other vulnerabilities
  • Faster time-to-market through use of the right DevOps tools and processes for cloud-native adoption
  • Scalable, future-proof, and secure comprehensive cloud-native development services
  • Highly skilled and experienced team of cloud experts that can help enterprises maximize their ROI of cloud investments.

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