Team Augmentation

Team Augmentation

Hiring in-house employees is not only no longer a necessity given current advancements in communication and IT technologies, but in many cases, not the best way forward. You can easily build international remote teams without worrying about any risk, especially in the realm of IT and Software Development.

Infomatrix gives you ready access to a pool of proven IT experts across different disciplines. We have the critical IT experts that you need to meet your IT and business objectives.

Why Opt for Staff Augmentation Services?

There are several benefits enterprises stand to gain from the correct utilization of staff augmentation services. These include:

  • Reduce hiring time
  • Leverage project-specific delivery expertise
  • Zero infrastructure investment
  • Drastic reduction in time invested in recruitment
  • Elimination of geographical limitations
  • Frees you from additional costs associated with keeping an in-house team
  • Less legal headaches
  • Lower development costs
  • Access to critical skill-sets
  • Flexibility
  • Increased output and team size
  • IP Rights Security

Our Approach

We have a solid team of experts that include Project Managers, Architects, and System/Business Analysts that are ready to work with you on your Team Augmentation needs.

Tell Us Your Needs

Discuss with our experts to share information on what you are looking for, your requirements, and expectations. This covers the required skills, qualifications, expertise, and number of developers.

Review and Selection

The next stage involves the review of a shortlist of resources to make sure that they align with your requirements.


The new team members will then be integrated with your existing team.

Ongoing Support

Infomatrix offers continuous support, which also involves collecting feedback and working towards a stronger relationship between your in-house team and our team of IT experts.

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