Microsoft offers a host of technological solutions, all aimed at streamlining enterprise operations and improving the overall efficiency. If you are looking to leverage the host of applications and solutions offered by Microsoft, you are in the right place. Infomatrix brings to you a highly experienced, well-qualified team of IT professionals proficient in a number of leading Microsoft tools and applications.

Join the list of distinguished businesses relying on Microsoft’s technology offerings. We help adapt most popular Microsoft applications and frameworks for your enterprise.

Our Capabilities


As a credible and experienced cloud services provider, Infomatrix can help you harness the full potential of Microsoft Azure. Starting from Analytics and AI to DevOps and IoT, we’re here to help you do it all with Azure. Apart from offering a host of cloud services, we’re also adept at building custom solutions on Azure depending on our clientele’s needs and requirements.

.Net Development

Our highly experienced and skilled team of .Net developers can help you create a number of .Net based applications – be it form-based or web-based applications. Starting from web services to desktop applications, you can accomplish a lot when you opt for our .Net development services.

Microsoft Dynamics

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can tackle sales, marketing, and customer service effortlessly, while making data-based decisions. Infomatrix helps implement Microsoft Dynamics for your enterprise and helps you streamline workflows, boost productivity, and better manage operational challenges.

Power BI

We, at Infomatrix, acknowledge the importance of utilizing business data and harnessing it for unlocking greater growth. Our Power BI implementation for your enterprise can help you leverage Microsoft’s powerful business analytics tools. Power BI gives you access to a host of data-rich insights, allowing you to make better decisions that are primarily guided by data.

Microsoft 365

Utilize Microsoft’s full suite of SaaS applications for improved efficiency, transparency, and ease of work. Infomatrix helps configure Microsoft’s range of applications, including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, among others, to help meet your organizational requirements. Collaborate, communicate, and work together better by leveraging Microsoft 365.


Infomatrix helps your enterprise better utilize Sharepoint for both client-side and server-side development. Building responsive, mobile-ready applications has never gotten simpler. We help you develop modern applications quickly and efficiently. Better collaborate with your team and build leading-edge, modern solutions with SharePoint.

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