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Open Source Development Services

Infomatrix offers cutting-edge Open Source Development Services to help businesses escape technological stagnation through innovation. We leverage the endless collaboration potential of code to create fertile ground for companies to realise products that are uniquely geared to meet their vision. Our Open Source Development Services allow you to build cost-efficient custom IT architecture that gives an edge in your niche.

Our team of Open Source Development experts works with you to craft a winning open source strategy. The services are designed to help ensure the smooth running of your operations while giving you benefits such as flexibility, security, and cost-effectiveness. Open source frees you from common issues such as vendor lock-in, giving you ultimate freedom. You can also easily get access to support services for your software regardless of any team changes. Our team of developers is proficient in:

React JS

Infomatrix is a reputable provider of ReactJS Development services that offers a whole range of web and mobile app development services that appeal to specific dynamic client requirements.

Angular JS

Infomatrix is a reputable provider of AngularJS Development services that cater to single-page browser-based applications. Our AngularJS development services appeal to specific dynamic client requirements.


Infomatrix is your trusted partner when it comes to premium PHP Development Services, whether you are looking to hire our development team or secure SME or PHP Consultancy. We have a proven record of PHP programming to create desktop applications or for server-side scripting and command-line scripting.

Our Open Source Development Service Offerings

Consulting and Advisory

Infomatrix’s Open Source Consulting and Advisory services help you craft comprehensive open source strategies for your business. We are experienced working with players across niches whether big or small.

App Development

Our Open Source Application Development Services work with you to design and build Apps with unmatched functionality. We develop apps that appeal to the dynamic nature of modern enterprises through exceptional adaptability and an abundance of features.

Ecommerce Development

Infomatrix Open Source Ecommerce Development Services helps businesses build secure and easily-customizable ecommerce applications. Our team of seasoned developers build superior quality, reliable, and highly-functional ecommerce platforms.

CRM Solutions

Our Open Source CRM Solutions are designed to appeal to brand-specific requirements while offering unmatched scalability. Our CRM solutions drive customer satisfaction and give you absolute control.


Infomatrix Open Source Integration Services help you marry existing IT solutions with open source to allow for personalization and availability across different platforms. You have the ability to improve your business software on a continuous basis.

Cost-Efficient Architecture Solutions

Our cost-efficient Architecture Solutions leverage open source to give you enhanced profitability and optimal data structure. Throughout the development lifecycle, you are guaranteed low cost high quality support and business data handling.

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