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Infomatrix has a team of passionate and distinguished specialists in their respective fields. Each member of the team has vast experience having worked on diverse projects for clients big and small. Starting out with just a handful of industry veterans in 2004, our team has grown rapidly and now comprises over 90 people dotted across different parts of the world. We foster an environment in which every team member is an A player in their domain.

From full-time IT professionals such as software developers and QA specialists to product support and project management staff, we have a well-oiled team of highly skilled, experienced, innovative, meticulous, passionate, and driven professionals ready to tackle any client requirement to attain unmitigated success.

The teams work collaboratively to leverage their collective genius according to the requirements of specific projects. In every instance, the goal is always to attain success on behalf of the client and help solve problems. Clients collaborate with our team to identify, define, map, and link project components that align with stated goals.

Our onboarding/ training ensures that every member of the team is and remains productive on their projects. Every member of the team is steeped in aspects such as communication and ethical practices, remaining fully aware of the enormous responsibility that comes with handling critical and sensitive client requirements.