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Create Brilliance

Code that delivers efficiency

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Science and Art

Code is half science and half art. Creating brilliant code takes an equal amount of both. Our approach towards project work strikes a balance between the two.

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Process, process

Process driven code generation is a time proven method to produce good quality code with minimal wastage.

We follow a rigorous and tight process to deliver on our promised roadmap. In our past we have either delivered projects on time or ahead of schedule!

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More than 20 years of creative footprint

Infomatrix provides ideology that has stood the test of time. Here are a few things integral to our mindset.

Robust Framing

This is the first building block for InfoMatrix. Inspired by the 2nd habit of “begin with the end in mind”, we always thaw out the deliverable on whiteboard, paper, walk and talk discussions and approach debates before writing code.

The result of React Software Development is effective code that is robust and optimized for performance.

Mobile & Cloud

Everything that we do has these two components embedded in our thought process.

From UI/UX design to deployment strategy using containerized dockers, the whole process is built with API based approach to keep the footprint as light as possible.

Solid UI & UX

This is where users click!

No matter how strong the character of software, if the presentation is not intuitive then it just doesn’t work.

Keeping this in mind we design the UX around the users to create something that is a beauty to look at and beast to work with.

Innovation Lovers

The architects and designers at InfoMatrix are always on the lookout for newest technologies on the horizon.

Innovation is a continuous process and integrating something that is great is what we owe to our customers.

This is what we live everyday.

Process, Process, Process.

Our sauce curated over time

The 5 C's of development by Infomatrix

The 5 C’s of development

Years of development has given us the secret sauce that we use to deliver react software. It comprises of the 5C method which we follow internally.

  • Communicate. This is the first and last step in the circle. Everything stars with communications.
  • Clarity. These are things like scope definitions, wireframes, includes, excludes, maybe’s.
  • Commitment. Based on clarity we get commitments from clients as well as development teams.
  • Creation. This is where the magic happens
  • Completion. This is where we go in for approvals, remediations and releases.

Positive Culture, progressive mindset

Nothing great can be created without a great team

All business is a human enterprise and software is a human creation.

Everything that we do involves humans. We cannot just buy better computers to increase output. Our people are our rockstars that make our organizations creative juices flow and give our clients the progress they demand and need.

Our philosophy at InfoMatrix is that “At the end of the day, we are a people centric organization”. A company by its people, for its people and of its people.

positive culture

At InfoMatrix we bring about a vibrant culture by breeding an environment of respect. There is an openness to accept ideas regardless of where the idea comes from.

This provides our colleagues with an ambience that they can learn from and contribute to. Wisdom gathering, learning, book clubs, TED discussions, New technical ideas and allocated time to enjoy life is all part of being a ‘Matrician’.

progressive mindset

The mindset at InfoMatrix is progressive. We are constantly learning and absorbing what we can from our projects, technology lectures, travel around the world and by sharing intelligence with each other.

Environmental difference

To get the right kind of fruit, the organization has to create the right kind of environment. You can’t grow dates in the apple belt.

low attrition benefits the client

Progress and growth are addictive. A culture of friendship is addictive. An environment where one feels like they are growing and learning is addictive.

Due to the superior lifestyle and growth at InfoMatrix our attrition rate is much lower than the industry. This ultimately benefits not only our colleagues but also our clients.

With low attrition, the knowledge base remains intact. The project is not always losing people who know the software. This is a huge benefit for clients in the long run.

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Kind words from customers

In the 16 years of working with InfoMatrix they provided a lot of value and helped us modernize our software.

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Ed Raffo

Infomatrix helped us keep track of our inventory and equipment issues. They were great to work with.

infomatrix review gerry

Time Warner

Gerry G.

We worked with Infomatrix for over 17 years. They are a great partner. We found them to be courteous, hard working and committed to our business and success.

infomatrix review larry

Project Sonoworld

Larry Waldroup