Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Software projects are such that some times are much more intense than other. For these periods where the project can use a few extra hands through Staff Augmentation.


Sometimes we need a bridge

Anyone who has worked on a software project knows that work tends to ebb and flow.

Sometimes there is so much workload that having a few extra hands is necessary to complete modules on time. This is where our experts can be relied upon.

We are a great partner to have for those times when the project could use a little more help to go in to production. This extra nudge is invaluable as it allows the stakeholders to drive the project to its destination without angry or dissatisfied customers.

Partner with us

Let us be the partner who can provide those extra hands when you need them and for however long you need them.

The teams can be provided both on shore and off shore based on your budget and preference.

Teams work together

We assign a team to your project and they work with your in house team to take directions and submit work as allocated.

This gives the extra nudge to your project and provides the extra momentum to completion.

Submit on time

Our team will be around to help

as long as needed for your project. Once done

our team is taken off of the project and the in

house team continues its work.

Reasons why this works

It’s Cost effective

No need to go through the hassle of interviews, hiring, onboarding and paying high fee to staffing agencies.

It is much more cost effective to hire an outside Staff Augmentation team that is savvy in the technology being used for as long as needed.

Qualified Team

Our teams are handcrafted for delivery. We assemble and provide the teams that are competent, friendly, hard working and closure oriented.

Enthusiastic people take project far.

It’s on a ‘Need basis’

Work load in software is a constant ebb and flow. And it is always a great idea to keep a partner that can provide those extra resources in crunch time.

Its a great tool in your arsenal that needs no extra investment.

Available on demand

The resources are available as needed. If the project demands resources to be available multiple times then we will provide the pool that can be tapped into as and when needed.

Call us to explore the possibilities.

We can discuss the specific needs of your project and tailor the team needed to take you to the finish line. All of this without having to invest time and money in hiring, hardware, software licenses and expensive office/ infrastructure provisioning.