QA Outsourcing

Full QA Capability

Outsource your QA. We have a full range team that can take on the bulk of QA work while you focus on development.

How it works

QA is an integral part of any production grade software and it is a specialization. Having a small team of QA is often ineffective as large teams breed ideas and new ways of solving the problem whereas in smaller teams this is often missing.

Partner with us for the QA for your project
We can provide a team of QA resources, both Manual as well as Automation that can be a remote part of your development.

Include in communications
Let the QA team be a part of communications, scope definition and sprints. This way they know the entire scope of testing.

Run the sprints with QA included
Plan and run the sprints as normal. The QA team will perform their testing on tickets, features and epics as scheduled. Test scripts are written and executed on automation side. Test cases are designed and executed on the manual side.

Kickbacks and bug reports
Any ticket that does not make the cut is sent back to the dev team along with the bug report.

Release integration included
The tickets that pass the automation tests are marked for release.

Manual, Automation, Security and Performance Test Suite

We offer a completely managed outsourced testing suite. This includes all aspects of testing.


Beginning with the understanding of the project and the deliverable, we create in depth test cases and positive/ negative scenario’s that can emerge as a result of user behavior. These cases are then executed on the tickets/ software feature.


Write extensive test scripts and cases for repeatable results. This is what makes project managers go to sleep at night knowing that no new bugs have been released with the latest release.

100% coverage is difficult but we get pretty darn close.


Security is often a big cause of concern for stakeholders. Vulnerabilities come in many shapes and forms and sizes.

Automated tools like ZED and Burp Suite are used to discover on vulnerabilities.


Increased traffic is a great thing for any project. That is what we all view for. But at the same time if the site does not handle the increased traffic then more users get upset about the software.

Best to be prepared and load test the software well ahead of time.

Dashboard Driven Approach

We provide the data of sprints as dashboards on ADO so that the intelligence of what works and what does not is clear.

Stats are a great way to make decisions and our power BI based dashboards are something that you would really love. These graphs will tell a story!

Domains of expertise

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