Cloud Technologies

We’re not nephologists

But we have years of experience in working with cloud technologies and can be great resources to depend on.

Here’s what we can do for you

Here are the areas that we have expertise in. We will be happy to assist you with any project work that may be in line with our experience.

our expertise

Our Expertise

Cloud brings a critical component of most deployments today, we have the resources available to deliver on AWS, Google and Azure based cloud technologies.

Here are some types of projects that we have built and delivered on in the past using cloud technologies. These were both in Multi Tenant and Single Tenant settings.

Complex ERP systems
Sometimes out of the box falls short of your vision. Let us fill the gap and create a cloud based ERP that is surely going to impress.

CRM Systems
Dynamics, Salesforce, Zoho or custom? We can help navigate the choices. Especially in Retail, NPO’s or Aviation.

Decision Systems
Single or multi tenant systems, we have built different DMS’s for our clients in the past. Creating a rules based system is something we are good at.

Micro services based systems
Complex product? Need efficient architecture? Micro service based architecture connected via API’s? Creating and testing such a system is a tough needle to thread. Having done this many times before we can help avoiding the pitfalls.

aws cloud technologies


Lambda functions, auto scalable Cosmos, Server less computing…….

AWS provides a host of goodies that can be harnessed by our expert team.

Let us assist you in setting up a robust infra for your requirements. This highly evolved cloud has a lot to offer. Our expert team can easily put together a great solution for you.

Take the first step and we will be with you in every step after that.

azure cloud technologies


With the complete power of Microsoft suite of products integrated, this is a great place to put your app.

From geo-replicated databases to load based auto scalable sites, our team is highly proficient to help out with Azure.

Our Engineering teams have worked with Azure for years and are well aware and well versed in the nuances that can be used to your advantage.

Allow us to impress!

Google cloud technologies

Google Cloud

GCP is a powerful tool for collaboration.

The mojo behind GCP is with developers being able to full access from browser. With advantage like BigQuery, per minute pricing, AI first and more it is a great choice to go with.

We know this rapidly evolving ecosystem and can help you put together a great strategy to put this cool tech to your advantage.

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