Mobile first

In 2021 56% of all internet traffic was mobile device based. This is up from 35% in 2016

What we know

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Our Expertise in Mobile

Mobile is a area we are very familiar with. Every project we do has a mobile component that is designed especially for todays user.

As the pace of life increases, more and more users are using mobile devices to take care of business. This makes catering to this growing segment almost a critical building block in any business.

We have worked with clients for whom we created an app from scratch with a mobile component or who had an existing application that needed a mobile side.

Having an application without a mobile component today could be dangerous for business due to competition.

An application without a mobile face is like Batman without Robin. It works but lacks the power to take things over the edge at times.

Allow our team of app developers to deliver apps for your business. It is a great investment and will pay off both in increased usage and increased productivity.

Our Mobile Footprint

We can provide expertise in the following areas

cross platform

Cross platform

One Code Base

React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, there are many choices to pick from for simple applications that can benefit from maintaining a single code base.

It allows for lowering the overhead of maintenance and cuts down on the cost of keeping multi functional teams on payroll.

We have expert engineers who can create apps using these cross platforms.



Apple Ecosystem

Leverage the full power of apple ecosystem.

iOS devices are everywhere. Users also like the seamless experience of apps on iOS devices. Once the business starts to scale or complexity increases beyond what a threshold, going in for an iOS based app may be the way to go. It also provides additional benefits of integrating with apple products like maps, Siri and a ton more.

android mobile


Huge user base

Android is the programming language of choice for many businesses. Depending on your user base it may be the right decision to go with a native Android based app.

With a variety of options to pick from the android ecosystem, the developers have a lot of firepower to integrate out of the box with Android native apps.

We can certainly be a great partner for this.

Go mobile with us!

We’ll be a great partner for you to address your needs. We understand this ecosystem and the UI/UX requirements well enough to deliver a dazzling experience to your users.