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This is our main line of business. So far we have not had even one client leave us due to dissatisfaction.

react software development

How software development works

Our react developers have been doing this for 20 years and software development is our main line of business. Over this time we have perfected our process.

Talk to us about your needs
It all starts with a conversation. This helps us define the scope of the deliverable.

Define roadmap and set expectations
Next step is to design the roadmap of the development. We do this in annual timeline with a quarterly revision. This way the engineering team and stakeholders are in agreement on delivery.

Architect the plan and define UX
This is the sporty part! This is where creation begins to take shape and the high level architecture, database designs, UI/UX, color schemes, test methodologies, deployment plans and other control structures on the project start coming to life.

Epics, Features, Sprints and ……. go!
This is when the epics, features and tickets are defined and scheduled in sprints for delivery. We follow the agile method and deliver in sprint cycles.

Approve and unleash
The QA passed work is put on UAT environments for final approvals by the stakeholders and once approved it goes in flight!.

Areas of strength

Software development is a marathon and not a sprint. No pun intended!

Scope Freeze

Mission creep is one of the biggest challenges and mostly its because it feels just right.

Software development is like cave navigation where you can only see up to the next bend and then more appears up to the next bend.

The solution is to approach with discipline and say no to what is not absolutely necessary.

Having a project roadmap is of immense value in this regard.


If the blueprint for a building is not right then the building will not be right.

We start with wireframes, flow charts. We keep security and optimization in mind from the get go. These things are not an afterthought at InfoMatrix.

Strength of character is baked into the software from get go.

Our architects keep up with what’s on the horizon and go for techniques that are proven.


Our intent is to make coding only 20% of the job. After having spent 20 years with clients from different verticals and backgrounds we KNOW that 60% of the job is in scope def and architecture of the software.

While coding, we spend most of the time in white boarding, challenging ideas, peer critiques and finally…… we write code.

It works!

Test & Deploy

To err is human. That is why we have testers!

The best laid plans and well thought out software can still have bugs and deficiencies because something got missed or something was misinterpreted by the development team.

Our QA engineers are the “protectors of production”. Their job is to automate the testing and deployment so only bug free code makes its way into production software.

Pictorial Representation of Performance

Jira or ADO are great tools for the development teams but it is not a great place to measure and calibrate performance and output on the project.

Sure the dashboards can provide insights into the stories and closed v/s opens and reopens but the real power of inference comes to life when we integrate BI with ADO.

Combining these tools produce graphs and charts that tell an excellent story and visibly communicate the performance to the stakeholders.

Give clear picture to clients. Even when we make mistakes. That is the InfoMatrix way.

Domains of expertise

Over the years we have happy customers in these verticals.

software development for health care


software development for non profit

Non profit

software development for aviation


software development for publihers


software development for retail


software development for edtech



Digital Media



Print Media


Allow us to impress

Send us an email or call us. We will discuss the business case and scope out the project along with an indicative quote. If all looks good at that stage then we can roll film.