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Infomatrix Inc. is a thought leader when it comes to product and service innovation, data and intelligence services, enterprise IT automation, cloud services, and mobile app development. We offer business services designed to help organizations streamline their operations, stay abreast with the rapidly changing technological landscape, bring efficiencies, attain customer satisfaction and drive growth.

Infomatrix started out as a small team of passionate and experienced professionals in 2004 and over the years we have become bigger and served a number of clients around the globe. We are a very Microsoft centric company with deep experience. Our team’s creative expertise and use of latest technologies and methodologies help us create solutions that help our clients stand apart amidst competition.

Infomatrix Inc. is a software development service provider that has been serving its clients since 2004. We started as a small and nimble group of passionate IT professionals and over the years we have acquired and worked with customers around the world.

Our key focus is on Microsoft technologies, salesforce, and mobile development. Our secret sauce is our process of using DevOps and agile lifecycle to bring maximum efficiency to our clients. The knowledge that we have acquired over the last 17 years can be used to your advantage to build better solutions.

Efficient Technology is everything nowadays. We are a vendor who can provide you with efficient technology. That helps you create products that are formidable, fresh-looking, and smart. That is what you need to stand apart from your competition.

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