Digital Media

Unprecedented growth

Digital media has seen explosive growth in the recent years. The movement towards mobile devices has catalyses the movement.

Blazing software for a blazing world

Everything is digital nowadays. With the way things have moved in the past few years, a solid digital presence and strategy is essential for any media company. Be it the world of video or print we have expertise that can come to your aide in building something great.

There are a lot of choices out there but for the overachievers and visionaries of business, out of the box is just not enough.

Here are some ways we an be a great partner for you.

Services we can provide

Here are all the ways that we can be of assistance to your software requirements.


Over The Top media service is the way that people have come to use video content. Be it while waiting for a bus or riding a bus, at home or a short break, people use a variety of devices to catch up on their shows, movies and other content online.

At the same time these platforms are complex pieces of software for the providers. The intent is to monetize the content while keeping licensing, content management and user management all in sight at all times.

Stream live or recorded content

Reach your subscribers via a variety of devices and serve stream or live content. Fully configurable geolocation based delivery mechanisms and other customizations will put the power in your hands to reach your audience at all times.


Monetize the content via advertising, subscriptions or in app purchases. There are multiple ways to ensure that your users are able to search for and pay for the content.

Talk to our team of experts for more detail and let us build a great platform for you.

Ad management

Ad’s are a major source of revenue in any content based business. Having an intelligent ad management tool that allows for AI based as well as manually configured ad’s to be pushed to the user base is a great asset.

Serve based on audience

The ad engine has to be configured to recognize the user and their past behavior and be able to serve ads based on those metrics.

Ad Placement

The ads can be paced anywhere in the video content. The ad management software should allow for the ads to be placed before, during and after (in stream, our stream and interstitial).

There is so much more to this aspect of business. We can discuss your needs and create a solution for you that will allow more revenue to come in via this vehicle.

Content Management

Video content is tough to manage as compared to other digital content, but it is also the lifeline to your business.

Be it rights, captioning, seamless delivery across devices for a great user experience, it all starts with a savvy and powerful CMS system. Here are some things that we at InfoMatrix pay attention to while creating something for you.

Build for Video Storage

Large file size is what makes the video CMS different from any other CMS system. Having a cloud based solution is preferable as it outsources all the hassle of maintaining servers and making sure that backups are in place.

Superior search capabilities

With metadata searching and auto generated caption search options the CMS has to present content both to internal staff as well as users.


Keep it simple by complying with SOC standards. This puts any frustrations related to audits at bay.

Woman sitting on sofa with smartphone at home.

Mobile apps

There is no strategy without a great and effective mobile app. As of 2021, 56% of all internet traffic is based on mobile.

This is the norm on how content is getting consumed by the consumers nowadays. With the pace of life increasing year after year the concept is No Extra Time (NET Time). This is where mobile devices fit in nicely. You can watch content while waiting for a train on riding a cab or during that short coffee break. It’s NET time.

We can help with creating great apps for you on mobile devices that link up to the monetization strategies you have as a business. With subscriptions, in app purchases and advertising channels all being a part of the business, we can help open new user streams by creating stunning and customizable apps for your business.


Businesses don’t work on assumptions. They work on hard data. Understanding your user’s behavior better will put the power in your hands to drive conversions.

Analytics based on geography, age, demographics, ethnicity, gender and time of day are critical factors in understanding the trends behind your business and your content.

Asking the right questions will allow you to get the right answers.

Our Engineering group has ample experience in running analytics and presenting data in an easy to understand and consumable format. This gives you the power that you need to drive business in the right direction.

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Creative work is our forte and content is yours. We can provide you with robust vehicles for managing the distribution of content to worldwide audience.