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Education via internet

As the generations move along, millennial, genX, genZ we are moving into a world that is radically different. New opportunities knock on our doors.

As a result of the pervasive internet and mobile being a way of life, one of the biggest areas of opportunity that have opened up is EdTech. People like remote education as it provides them the ability to learn at a pace that they are more aligned with.

EdTech however comes with its own set of challenges. Not it is not just the quality of the teachers that matters, it is also the quality of the software. The effort that goes into preparation, curation and delivery of content is enormous.

We can be of help in this area. This is specially close to our hearts as education is a wonderful profession and a direct contribution to one of the most basic human needs – the need for growth.

Services we provide

Listed below are some areas of expertise that we can help with if your business needs superior software in the EdTech arena.

content authoring

Content Authoring

Content authoring is where the rubber meets the road to use an old metaphor. This is where you can take the concepts and come up with content that is easy to understand. Also to be able to create and reuse templates to save time. 

A flexible and user friendly content authoring tool makes a big difference in getting the right message in front of the audience. The less clunky and easy the tool is the better you’d be empowered to unleash the teacher in you. Another important aspect of this is collaboration between teams to be able to prepare and get content out the door quickly. And to be able to gather stats for improving the content going forward. 

InfoMatrix has had experience in building such tools for eLearning platforms. If you would like us to put our expertise to work for you please don’t hesitate to call us. 

Content Collaboration

Taking a cue from the book ‘The checklist Manifesto’, one of the things that is evident is that the era of the master orchestrator is gone. Now it’s the era of collaboration and depending on each other for the common goal.

Creating content is laborious and time-consuming work. Gathering snippets in the form of text, images, external links or video takes time and collaboration.

Then to put it all together using the authoring tool needs an easy to use tool for collecting stuff in a storyboard fashion. It should be user friendly and visual to help you wade through the information. If the curation is clunky like putting things in folders and then later searching where it went can delay content creation and if often very frustrating. 

The software should also allow easy reviewed from peers and comments or ability to contribute. All of these facets of content creation are important and often get in the way. That results in scheduling meetings, online or in person and wasting of time. This is one area where technology should not come in the way of completion.

With our experience in eLearning our teams have dealt with these situations before and are well aware of the challenges curation comes with. If you are in the market for a content collaboration and curation tool then it may be worthwhile to have a look at us.

content collaboration
e-portfolio - edtech


The portfolio you create grows over time and needs to be managed. Sometimes some content needs a select audience for a period of time and then taken off view rights. Managing all of this is time consuming and taxing.

A great portfolio management tool can give you those extra minutes in the day that are going into doing tasks that have less value in the grand scheme of things. 

With our expertise and past experience we can help you customize the solution to your taste. We can bring your recipe to life. Our experts in the field of eLearning can be leveraged to quickly build this solution.

We can be a great partner for you in this.

Assessment Management

Ability to create assessment tests and distribute them over a variety of devices is the reality of today’s world. Additionally, the tests have to be scored and graded; all a part of the assessment.

If the UI/UX and the internal engine of the software is not done right then it becomes very difficult to manage assessment.

We understand the challenges that come up in this module in context of the modern world. The way to get to a high school student is way different from a 5th grader.

Work with us and we can put our knowledge to your advantage.

assement management - edtech


The digital world comes with compliance rules.  

The FTC has rules defined for families as well as students via their FERPA and COPPA compliance guidelines structure. 

Any software that is taking student information has to be compliant with these rules and the staff has to be familiar with these rules.

Creating software that overlooks or is not in line with these policies can lead to hefty fines.

We at InfoMatrix can help and create software for you that is fully compliant with these guidelines. There are several ways to do this including working with the clouds that provide these compliances out of the box.

Use our expertise in compliance to your advantage.



LMS systems are a combination of all the other tools combined together into one seamless package.

Content authoring, collaboration, compliance, assessment, portfolio management are all modules in this along with a fully integrated suite that provides cross module analytics and reporting.

This whole EdTech package is more than the sum of the parts and is essentially a full ERP solution for your ecosystem. The cherry on the top for any integrated ERP is the Business Intelligence and the graphs and charts that provide insights in a meaningful way.

Our team of EdTech engineers would be happy to work with you if you would like to create a fully functional solution for your venture.

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