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Print media has the content that users want. The new world demands that the content be distributed, repurposed, monetized and put in front of users that can benefit from it.

Services we can provide

Here are our areas of print media services and all the ways that we can be a valuable partner.

Audience Development

Audience development is an art and provides a constant flow of user base that can be harvested for monetization. This is a big piece in brand building. Getting to more audience will push the limits on both top line as well as bottom line.

There are several channels and methods for doing this. From online contests to email campaigns, from giveaway e-books to social media posts, from tweets to blogs, it is a wide range of tools that can be used to keep adding leads to your list.

Then using the golden ratio rule your sales team can convert these into paying users.

At InfoMatrix we have experience building audience development systems and can put our expert team of highly qualified engineers to handcraft a solution for you.

User Segmentation

Understanding your user segments can vastly improve the marketing and sales efforts for optimal conversions.

User segmentation is a form of BI where the data is analyzed to group into various segments and then it is used to answer targeted questions.

Our team can build a system that clearly provides a view into your user community. Clarity of this data presented in pleasing graphs and charts can empower the marketing effort around your business.

Social Media Analytics

Social media advertising is a big part of marketing budgets. This leads to a need for analysis and for understanding how the various channels are performing.

Be it ad impressions on Facebook or links clicked from with a blog, the likes on a you tube video or forwards on an insta, all of this data is needed to hone in the messaging and brand building for a business.

Since the content and user base for different businesses is different, a custom solution is often required. Off the shelf products work well for certain businesses but not all of them.

Also for businesses that are different from the crowd and driven by passion and vision, it is often the case that off the shelf does not work for them.

If you are in need of a custom Social Media analytics engine that can help you and your business sharpen the tools for better penetration into the market then please talk to us. Our engineering team has worked on such projects before and we will be happy to discuss your needs further.

Recommendation Engine

Every customer who enters a store is a sales opportunity and every user who visits your content is also a sales opportunity.

The idea is to keep them on the site for as long as you can to expose them to revenue streams. Customer retention is a key area where recommendations engine can play a vital role.

This takes into consideration a variety of factors like demographics, gender, ethnicity, age, time of the day etc. Based on the composite algorithm further content can be suggested to the user.

This can improve the revenue by as much as 20%.

We can work with you to build out a great engine as per your content and help drive more revenue to your business.

Let us know if we can be of help!

Get in touch with us if our expertise in print media fall in line with what your business needs. We have been a valuable partner to our other clients and we will never give you a chance to be disappointed in our services.