Welcome Engineering Software Solutions!

ESS partners with Infomatrix to create cutting-edge and AI-driven software for Pharma companies

We are excited to announce that ESS has chosen to partner with Infomatrix Inc. for developing their next generation of software products. We are humbled and honored to have ESS as our client.

ESS has a suite of software products that provide safety, auditing, vendor management, project management, and flawless reporting capabilities to Big Pharma clients. The software is operational in the USA, European Union, and Asia Pacific since past 20+ years. With a proven track record of providing software to Pharmaceutical clients for the past 25+ years, ESS shares common values with us like innovation, client success first, and process-oriented software development. 

With a major push towards modernization, SaSS based approach, and a roadmap to integrate AI features in the near future, ESS was looking for a partner to help them bring this ambitious plan to fruition. 

Infomatrix Inc, with its background in serving clients and developing modern software, was the company ESS chose to partner with. Infomatrix has been developing products using Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce, and Java over the last 20+ years for our valuable clients like Time Warner, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Rutgers University and many more. 

We welcome ESS wholeheartedly and look forward to launching this new line of products soon!

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